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Pieces Available

Art Songs

In a Station of the Metro - Tenor & Piano

A Baby's Laughter - Mezzo-Soprano & Piano

Constellation - Soprano & Percussion


A Study in Threes - Bassoon

Untitled - Flute

Drum Sans Fife - Snare Drum

The Harmonic Series - Wood Block

Waiting for Tater Tots at the State Fair - Bass Drum

The Titanomachy: Concerto for Trombone & Orchestra - Piano Reduction

Will-o'-wisp - Solo Flute

Visitor - English Horn & Piano

Selections from Anne Sexton

Her Kind - Flute & Fixed Audio

Sibrwd - Solo Flute

Remain - Cello & Fixed Audio

Ad Lib - open instrumentation


Bismuth - Oboe & Bassoon

Discovery - Flute & Violin*

Small Ensemble

Voiceover - Flute, Cello, Piano

Zodiac - String Quartet

Who Will Come When I Am Weak, Who Will Save My Weary Soul - String Quintet

Selections from Anne Sexton

The Ambition Bird - Wind Sextet & Fixed Audio

Music Swims Back to Me - Reed Quintet & Fixed Audio

Let's Go - Percussion Ensemble

Tell Me When I Can - Six Players & Nature Sounds


Here - SATB


Hydra - 2/2/2/2 2/2/2/1 + Strings and Harp

The Titanomachy: Concerto for Trombone & Orchestra

*Indicates partial recording available

Please contact for scores.

Music for Film

Scoring For the Screen - A Thesis Portfolio by Emily Graham

  • Meet the Parents - "Did You Flush This Toilet?"

  • Spring

  • Westworld, "Genre"

Paper People - Directed by Will Devito and Rory Spillane

Anthemusa - Written and Directed by Cedric Middleton

Josh: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Film - Directed by Will Devito

1-800-656-4673 - Directed by Lauren Plattman

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